Great post on the relationship between utilization golden spot at 80% and the 20% free choice time in companies like Google.

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The 20% time has become popular in the software industry in recent years. Even though most programmers don’t work at companies that have 20% time, most have heard or know someone who works at a place like Google, where programmers spend 80% of their hours working on what the company requires them to do and 20% on their own projects. Or so we have been told.

A shop across town is doing it and now we want to do it too. Many programmers have tried to introduce 20% time in their workplaces and that proved to be very difficult. So, how can we do it? What are the dos and don’ts? Is there some theory behind this practice? I want to summarize answers to these questions in this post and hope programmers find it useful.

queue size as a function of utilization - rapid rise after 0.8

The main reason for 20% time is to keep capacity utilization at 80% rather than…

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